Top 10 Most Haunted Dolls In The World

A haunting occurs when a ghost or other supernatural being refuses to move on after death. There are many researches going on to figure out what happens next when someone dies. Most of us believe that after they die they’ll haunt anything ranging from painting to house where they had last breath or related to their belongings.  

Here we bring to you the Top 10 Haunted Objects in the World! Get ready!

Honestly, after compiling this article am not able to sleep well as I feel paranormal activity around me. Please do not look at these 10 Objects closely more than a sec for your safety.

10Haunted Wedding Dress

In 1849, a girl from rich family named Anna Baker fell in love with low class iron man. As like all father do, her father also showed red flag for their love and sent her lover out of Altoona, Pennsylvania. Days went but no change in Anna’s mind, she didn’t get married or fall in love with anyone.

Before her father send her love out of city, Anna was bought a wonderful wedding dress for her marriage but that didn’t happen. Another rich lady from same city bought the dress and was using it every occasion.

Later on Anna’s home became museum and her dress was placed in a glass door. After her death, visitors claim to see the dress move on its own, especially during full moons. The dress sways from side to side, as if an unseen bride is standing in front of her mirror, admiring herself in the gown.

9The Anguished man

Surrounded by mystery and blood magic, this painting being a source of strange occurrences for two generations of the Robinson family. Decades ago, a women received the gift of a painting named The Anguished Man. Turns out she is incredibly unhappy with the gift and she claims that evil presence with it fearing for safety she kept that in a garage for over 25 years.

Why she didn’t throw it away? Well. We also don’t know. All those years later Mrs.Robinson’s grandson picked up from garage and hanged it in a wall. After he hangs the painting in the hall unexpected things started to happen. Yes! His wife started seeing a dark figure around the corner.

When we look at the history of that painting, the one who crafted that painting seems to be mixed his blood to this painting and get killed himself.

Whatever the issue they faced, they recorded and released that in youtube. To view the footage uploaded on youtube by Sean Robinson click here.

8Chair of Death

While reading the Title “Chair of Death” itself you would have judged that whoever sits in the Chair will die. But you may not know that what is the history of that chair and who’re all dead after sitting in this chair.

Well. ”Chair of Death” was a favorite chair of a striper named Thomas Busby, who was convicted in 1702 for the murder of his father-in-law, Daniel Auty, whom he supposedly strangled for sitting in his favorite chair after an argument about Thomas' wife, Auty's daughter Elizabeth. On his way to the gallows in 1702, he asked to stop by the pub and put a curse on his chair, claiming that anyone who sat in it would be haunted and soon die.

Everyone afraid to sit in that chair after this incident. During World War II, whoever sat in that chair and went for war they were never returned. In 1967, Royal air force pilots sat in it to break what the people believes but they failed as they died in accident while returning to home.

The cursed chair has apparently "killed" every person who sat in it, no matter what. After all these incidents pub owner wanted to keep this chair safely and gave it to local Thirsk museum. In museum they hanged the chair at 5 feet height so that no one can sit in the chair mistakenly.

7Dybbuk box

In 2001 a 103 year old women tried to auction of a wine cabinet with her granddaughter. She allegedly brought this cabinet overseas to America along with two other item. After getting this dibbuk box to home they started to see paranormal activity around their home and started getting unexplainable scary nightmares.

So they wanted to return to auctioneer but they refused take it back. One thing you shouldn’t do with the box is you shouldn’t open it but auctioneer opened it. Few days later, the auctioneer who opened the box faced many paranormal activity.

For some reasons that granddaughter gifted that box to her mother, within few days she faced unnatural death in hospital. Her last words in hospital was “Hey Gift”. Based on this true story, Kevin Mannis written and directed the film in 2012 named as “The Possession”.

A dybbuk box, or dibbuk box, is a wine cabinet which is said to be haunted by adybbuk. In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious, spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living.

6The Hands Resist Him

The Hands Resist Him is a painting created by artist Bill Stoneham in 1972. It depicts a young boy and female doll standing in front of a glass paneled door against which many hands are pressed.

In the early 1970s, a painting was displayed at the Feingarten Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA. The painting was attracting a lot of attention in the gallery. It was reviewed by an art critic for the Los Angeles Times, and purchased by actor Jhon Marely.

The owner of the Feingarten Gallery and the art critic who first reviewed the painting died within one year of coming into contact with it. The owner (jhon Marley) died some time later. After his death, the painting went missing for several years, until a couple with a young daughter found it in the basement of a runway brewery.

The couple hung it in their daughter’s bedroom, where she reported many strange things. After a short amount of time. They decided to sell it on Ebay, and posted an article about the things they experienced. Apparently, the characters had been seen moving around in the panting, climbing out of the frame, communicating, and threatening each other. This was apparently verified by the father’s video evidence.

5The Tallman Bunk Beds

In February of 1987, Alan and Debby Tallman brought home a bunk bed that they purchased at a second hand shop and they put in their basement. When the Tallmans moved the bed upstairs in May of 1987, it marked the beginning of nine months of horror for the family.

Since the first night the beds were slept in, the house became haunted. The children, who were rarely ill before, suddenly became ill for no apparent reason. Also one day Alan’s son Danny was sleeping in that bunk bed and started seeing strange thing like radio switched on its own.

Alan also heard some strange voices from the bunk beds when returned home after late night shift. Alan went around the back to see if anyone was there, and then went back to the garage and then saw that it was on fire, went back inside to get a fire extinguisher, but when he came back out, he saw that the fire was gone, and the garage door undamaged with no visible signs of recent fire consumation. When Alan got back inside, he went to reach his lunch pail that he had set down, but the entity then threw it across the room. Alan started sleeping in his daughters' room to provide protection. Debby then called the pastor because of what had happened to Alan. A few days later, Alan was working late and asked a relative to watch the girls. His relative was a complete skeptic, until that night, when he saw a horrible figure, and screamed. Debby then told the relative to get everything together, and that they were leaving forever. Two weeks later, the Tallmans had the bunk beds destroyed. Afterwards, the Tallmans had no further paranormal experiences, and in April 1988, a family moved into the Tallmans' old home and have had no haunting experiences.

4The conjure chest

Jacob Cooley, who owned a large plantation near Frankfort, Kentucky, owned a slave named Hosea who was one of the most skilled craftsmen in the state. Hosea made furniture.

It was a piece of his own making that brought about his death. Jacob Cooley was a harsh disciplinarian at best and an evil bastard at worst. When his wife was carrying their first child, Jacob–who with an arrogance typical of him assumed that firstborn would be a son–ordered Hosea to build a chest of drawers for the baby’s room.

Even though the chest looks amazing Cooley refused to accept it beat Hosea until he dies. After his death one and many of Hosea’s friends brought Chest into their home and cursed the Cooley’s family by spraying their blood on it.

Cooley’s infant baby for whom they created the chest was died in few days they born. Then Cooley’s second son also died. If we want to explain all his 17 family member’s unnatural death like final destination film story then this page wouldn’t be enough. 

3ICEMAN- The Mummy

In 1991, a couple of German tourists discovered Ötzi the Ice Man, a stunningly well-preserved “natural mummy,” while on a walk in the Ötztal Alps(Austria). He lived around 3300 B.C.E., and while his naturally preserved state is remarkable enough, the string of deaths involving those who studied Ötzi are even more intriguing.

One of the German tourists who found Ötzi, Helmut Simon, died in a “freak blizzard” (while walking in the same area Ötzi was found, no less). Rainer Henn, lead investigator of Ötzi’s forensic team, died in a car crash on the way to a lecture about, you guessed it, Ötzi. Rainer Hoelzl, the man who filmed the mummy’s removal from its icy grave, died of a brain tumor.

Those are just three of the deaths associated with Ötzi the Ice Man, all within a relatively short number of years.

2Haunted Doll, The Robert

In 1906, a young boy named Eugene Ott received Robert as a gift from one of the household servants. Eugene Otts parents were strict with Eugene and very stern at their household servants. One of these servants was a Bahamian woman who, some say, practiced Voodoo, and it was she who gifted Eugene with Robert the Doll. It’s said that she cursed the doll before giving it to the boy.

Eugene loved that doll very much and he was keeping the doll wherever he goes. Mr. and Mrs. Ott could hear Eugene conversing with someone who had a low, sinister-sounding voice when they passed by his room. But of course, they assumed Eugene was just “playing” with Robert.

It wasn’t long before strange things began to happen outside the playroom, too. Lamps would fall and shatter, for no apparent reason. Each time something strange happened, Mr. & Mrs. Ott would turn to Eugene for an explanation and Eugene always said, “It wasn’t me! It was Robert!” And each time, Eugene was strongly disciplined by his stern parents.

Over the year Eugene’s parents died, Robert and Eugene were alone in the home. He thought of doing marriage as he was alone. Eugene’s wife also started facing issues of Robert the doll. She claims doll moving here and there sometimes threatening her. After all these, Eugene agreed to keep Robert in a locked attic.

Once they locked it their health began to suffer.So he left the doll in the home and shifted to other house. The new family came in also faced same issues with Robert and donated Robert to East Martello Museum in Key West. When you take photograph Robert you must ask his permission by writing letter to it. Else you’ll suffer ranging from flat tire to death. 

1Real Anabelle

Donna received the doll as a gift for her 28th birthday from her mother. Since she received the gift from her mother she kept that doll in safe place and was handling with care. At that time she was sharing the room with Angie who does nursing course along with Donna in one apartment.

They reported seeing that doll moving around and a When they analyses what cause this they found that there was a girl named Anabelle was died in the same area where the building built now. Once they found the answer for their question, that doll started talking with them like a friend and they didn’t scare of the evil spirit as it didn’t harm anyone until that day. Also they named the doll as “Anabelle”.

Lou was the Angie’s boyfriend who frequently visits that building, scared of Anabelle and requested Donna to throw it away and stay out of it. But, Donna refused do as its birthday gift from mother.

Later Lou was attacked by Anabelle and eventually he died after few days. Donna realized and donated that doll to Warren Occult Museum.

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