10 Mobile Apps for Travelers

Nothing inspires you more than traveling. It fills you with energy, enthusiasm and gives strength to make all your most secret dreams come true, being already at home. The change of scenery helps abstract from everyday problems that do not seem so significant from the outside. These best apps for traveling, list of which was provided by https://marrybrides.com/users/ will help create a rich program and facilitate a number of organizational moments. Besides, they will make your life easier during the long-awaited travel and will help solve many issues in just a few clicks. Feel free to download these 10 travel apps for Android or iPhone, and use.


Well, finally, it is a dessert app. If you like wine. It's all simple: take pictures of the label, the program scans it, and you get a grape variety, year of harvest, a region, an average price, rating, and most importantly, reviews.

9Travel Safe

It is another safety net. Here you can find telephone numbers of emergency services in 200 countries. Just in case.

8First aid.

Hope that no one will need this application, but it should be downloaded, just to be safe. It will tell and show how to provide first aid in various emergencies. Here you will find everything, starting from fractures to the technique of artificial respiration.


You will not miscalculate, using this one of the travel apps for iPhone. The app will accurately transfer the national currency to the currency of the country you need. People, living in the 21st century should trust the exchange house but check.


There is a whole almanac of cool advice. Guides here are users. Type in the search, for example, "best beer in Prague" and read posts on this topic. People share also the routes.

5Around me & Timeout.

With their help, you will always find where better to eat, drink an unusual cocktail and have fun. The schedule is made special for you, including concerts, exhibitions, shows, film premieres, sports matches. At the same time, these applications will prompt you where the nearest pharmacy or a gas station is located.

4Izi travel

This is not an ordinary guide, it's an audio guide and one of the excellent apps for traveling abroad. Of course, it is not as complete as in museums, but it is still a wonderful option. It works online, so take care of the route in advance, choose it in a hotel or a coffee shop, where there is a Wi-Fi. Well, if you have a good call plan, then 3G (4G) will help you. Special love is a walk mode. You can find out a lot of new things even in your own city. The program determines your location and gives out stories about the nearest objects.


Here you will find not just offline maps but also a guide. Redigo helps not miss interesting trivia on the way to the main sights. And there are no limits, you can download as many maps as you want. The main drawback of this applications is that you cannot plot the route without the Internet.


It includes maps and recommendations. There is a paid version, but first, you should fully test the free version instead. It allows you to download one offline map, that is, you can use it without access to the Internet. You can mark the places that you plan to visit with an asterisk. In addition to the description and reviews of visitors, you will also find, for example, working hours, an admission price, the availability of wi-fi, and so on. It is one of the most useful apps for traveling.


It will become your personal assistant for air travel. This sounds official, doesn’t it? In fact, you will be able to track any flight in real time. In addition, your assistant will always inform you about the delay of the flight.

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