Top 10 Mermaid Sightings Of All Time

Human beings are always interested to know the answers for their unanswered questions. I’m talking about the fascinating questions like whether Ghost exist or not, UFO exist or not as these were unanswered questions even today as who believe in ghosts not able to prove about its existence with proper evidence merely didn’t get a evidence to make believe us. Like these, we have another aquatic mythical creature “Mermaids” who have head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Even though most of us know what is Mermaid and how it will look like from modern time movies, few of us only knows where the mermaid story appeared first. The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Importantly, Cultures from all over the world, that had no contact with each other, have mermaids in their folklore, all with very similar descriptions. Most of us were asking questions to ourselves or to others whether or not mermaid exist, for those we have listed well documented top 10 mermaid sightings in the world. After reading this article believing mermaids or not is up to you!

10Christopher Columbus’s travels- January 1493

The world famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus also reported sighting of mermaid when he was out at sea. He stated that mermaids are not beautiful as they are painted in folklores or in other paintings but to some extent they have human appearance in the face.

9Henry Hudson near Russia- June 1608 

Hendry Hudson(Explorer and discoverer of Hudson River) wrote on his log that “Two crew members—Thomas Hilles and Robert Rayner—sighted a mermaid at 75° 7′ N, and shouted at the rest of the crew to come and look.” Hudson further recorded it as having a “tail of a porpoise and speckled like a mackerel.”

8Spain- June 1737 

This is the first time someone have seen Merman instead mermaid. Yes, merman also exist and it described less in folklore as well. Sightings of mermaid reported similar characteristics of its appearances like having The head was like that of a goat, with a long beard and moustache, a black skin, somewhat hairy, a very long neck, short arms, hands longer than they ought to be in proportion, and long fingers, with nails like claws; webbed toes, and a fin at the lower part of the back. This sighting reported to Daily Kennebec Journal of Augusta, Maine, 24 June 1873.

7Cape Breton, Canada - August 1886

Mr. Bagnall heard that some fishermen from Cape Breton have seen mermaids on the waters. He was excited to see the mermaid and was out in a boat accompanied by several fishermen. Yes, they got a chance to see mermaid which was looking at them in a sitting position for few seconds then disappeared. They described the appearance of the mermaid resembled like human upper body and the arms were shaped like a human being’s, except that the fingers of one hand were very long. The color of the skin was not unlike that of a human being. There is no doubt, that the mysterious stranger is what is known as a mermaid, and the first one ever seen in Cape Breton waters.

6Kei Islands, Indonesia -1943 

During the time of World War II, 1943 Japanese soldiers were spotted mermaids on the shores of Kei Island. Soldiers described mermaid appearance as follows: roughly 4-foot 9-inches (150 cm) tall, pinkish skin, human looking face and limbs, spikes along its head, and a mouth like a carp. When Scientist Sgt. Taro Horiba heard news of dead mermaid that was washed up on the sea shore, he went to examine it. After seeing the mermaid with his own eyes, he returned to Japan and urged scientists to do study on mermaids. Since no one believed Horiba words on mermaid no action were taken on study of mermaid. Kei Island people calls mermaids as “orang Ikan”, or “fish people” in Malay. Numerous mermaid sightings been reported in Kei Island, on the odd occasion few caught on fishing nets.

5British Columbia, Canada - 1967

Tourist who were on a boat saw a women with the tail of a dolphin. She was described as having beautiful blonde hair and was seen eating salmon. It was reported to in the Times-Colonist newspaper and drew a lot of attention. After that no one has spotted it again.

4South Africa- August 1991 

Humanlike creature found in belly of dead great white shark in South Africa. When they examine body of that humanlike creature and it was determined to have webbed hands and humanoid skull. A stingray barb was left jammed in the shark’s jaws, and this is claimed to be a mermaid’s weapon.

3Zimbabwe, Africa - 2012 

Do you know the dam construction have been stopped in Zimbabwe due to Mermaid disturbance? Yes, Mermaids had harassed the workers when installing water pumps. Minister Nkomo was reported as saying in Zimbabwe’s state-approved Herald newspaper.

2Greenland Sea - March 2013

Marine geologist, Dr. Torsten Schmidt and his Danish team have been sent to deep-sea explorations by Iceland GeoSurvey for sampling of the ocean floor to locate promising sites for oil and natural gas. At nearly 1000 meter below the ocean’s surface Dr. Schmidt not only seeing some interesting phenomenon also heard some strange sounds. When they wanted to investigate, but which was declined by Iceland GeoSurvey. Hence they ended up in diving on their own with two camera, and they have seen mermaid more than one time. Yes, they have seen a real Mermaid. To see the Mermaid caught on camera in deep-sea, click the Link below,

1May 2013 – Kiryat Yam, Israel

In response to the numerous mermaid sightings in Kiryat Yam, Local government offered $1 million for those who can provide conclusive footage capturing a real mermaid. Shlomo Cohen was the first person in Kiryat Yam who have seen lady laying on the beach sand in a weird way and when they had a close look it jumped into sea water and gone. After that only they realized she is not she and its mermaid. 

To see the Mermaid caught on camera in Kiryat Yam, Click the Link below,

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