Reports of Tokyo Restaurant Serving Human Flesh Are Fake, Here's What Is Going On

By this time you would have seen the post about Tokyo restaurant ‘Edible Brother’ is serving human flesh for their customers where the prices vary from 100 up to 1000 euros and it is legally allowed by Japan government. In that article, they also mentioned that the first customer to eat human flesh is from Argentine citizen and he expressed his experience of eating human flesh is tastes like pork flesh. Do you know what, these are all fake news spread by fake La Voz Popular Spanish publications on 12 July 2016.

Later, many web publications started adding some spice to the fake news and started publishing their cooked stories on the internet and that went viral. Some of the popular websites spread this story including popular sites like steemit.

But, the actual fact is that there is no restaurant on the outskirts of Tokyo that serves the human flesh, nor is there legislation in Japan that allows cannibalistic practices. Several media have reproduced this false information in their web editions.

Popular Mexican news site Verne also came across this weird news and wanted to check its originality with the embassy of Japan in Mexico. When Verne consulted with the representative of the embassy of Japan in Mexico, who was unaware that this information was circulating on the Internet and described it as “completely absurd.” He also denied that Japanese legislation allows cannibalism.

There is no restaurant that serves human flesh and so get back to work cheers!

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