Is this 140,000 year old Alien Spacecraft in the bottom of Baltic Sea Baltic Sea Anomaly

On June 19, 2011, Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg and his Ocean X Team of marine explorers discovered a truly mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The Team was on a dive search for an old shipwreck when they discovered the strange object now known as the Baltic Sea Anomaly. As they were approaching the object, the side-scan sonar they used to detect the shipwreck stopped working. According to Stefan Hogerborn, “Anything electric out there, stopped working when we were above the object, then we get away 200 meter’s, it turned on again”.

According to Ocean X, the anomaly has an appearance of ‘rough granite’ and is round in shape. It is 3 to 4 meters thick and approximately 60 meters in diameter, stands on an 8-meter tall pillar like feature, and is located at a depth of 85 to 90 meters. After further scans, the anomaly was found to be 1,40,000 years old!.

Based on that hypothesis, the Baltic Sea Anomaly would have been formed during the Ice Age. A sample recovered by divers found that the object contained limonite and goethite – metals couldn’t have been naturally reproduced in this form. While some geologists argue that the samples are not uncommonly found in sea beds and can be formed by nature, sonar devices found drag marks behind the object, meaning that the structure is not a natural formation.

Some claim that the object to be a remnant of a World War II Nazi anti-submarine device. Other experts say that the formation may be a pillow basalt, a moraine, or the product of hydrothermal vent. But the most controversial claim was that it was alien technology, perhaps, a part of an alien ship that happened to fall into the Baltic Sea. All the explanations given by different experts seem to contradict each other, and until now there has been no new information or test results to explain the Baltic Sea Anomaly. 

Denis Asberg, a member of the Ocean X team, said that they have contacted geologists and marine biologists, who all said that they had never seen anything like the Baltic Sea Anomaly. Since there is really no absolute explanation for the anomaly and how it could have gotten where it is now, this may remain one of the many enigmas of the world that are beyond human knowledge.

There is also a film made based on the Baltic Sea Anomaly, “The Unresolved Mystery” in the year of 2016 and highest rated mysterious film.

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