A strange 3 fingered alien found in Nazca Peru

Nazca Desert, in southern Peru, is considered to be the most mysterious place in the world as it has a mysterious largest line (Nazca Lines) (1,200 feet long) on the ground which merely looks like birds, animals, fish, jaguars, and humans. You can visually see the complete shape of the lines only from Airplane. Archaeologists claim that these lines were created by Nazca culture between 500 BCE and 500CE i.e. 1700 years ago.

Why the hell these largest lines are created and what is the reason behind?

Till date, no one provides the exact reason for those lines but some locals believe that these lines are the communication between human and Aliens of another planet.

Recently, UFOlogists (Unidentified flying object scientists) found 3 fingered mummified alien body near Nazca, Peru. The Rock carvings near the mummified body also show the figures of three-fingered humanoids. The body measures 168cm (5’6) tall and has proportions very similar to humans. However, it has three long fingers on each hand and an elongated skull and lack of nose and it has the holes on both side instead of ears. This is not the only example of an elongated skull found in Peru. More than 300 elongated skulls were also found in Peru in the Past.

The Nazca mummy is covered in a white powder which was apparently used to dry the skin and preserve the remains. It gives the Skin a greyish appearance. The internal organs of the humanoid are said to be intact. Carbon dating of samples from the body show dates between 245-410 AD.

A forensic expert from the National School of Forensic Medicine of Mexico confirmed that these the three fingered mummies are real and not a dummy as some may do for money. The organization Gaia has launched an investigation about the mummified corpse, bringing scientists with them, including Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, PhD of Saint-Petersburg University.

Could this prove that alien life on Earth? What do you think?

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