A One Trillion worth Worlds Richest Temple in India

Sree padmanabhaswamy temple is the mysterious and richest temple in the world, located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The name of the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Malayalam translates to “The City of Lord Ananta”. The temple was built in 16th century dedicated to Lord Vishnu and architectural design of the temple is the combination of indigenous Kerala style and Dravidian style. There is no proven evidence that what is the exact date the temple was built. But, The Temple has been referred to in the (only recorded) Sangam Period of literature between 500 B.C and 300 A.D several times.  The temple is one of the 108 principal Divya Desams (“Holy Abodes”) in Vaishnavism, and is glorified in the Divya Prabandha.this temple is maintained by the royal family of Travancore. 

Reference from Sangam Literature 

Ninth Century poet-saints like Nammalwar, refer to the Temple and even the city as having walls of pure gold. Underneath the Moolavar statue 6 secret underground vaults namely A, B, C, D, E, F. Vaults E, F are opened daily as is has gold and diamond ornaments to decorate the Lord Vishnu. Vaults C and D are opened only thrice in a year at festival times.It has special ornaments and other valuable things reside in the Vault. 

Vault A Explored On Supreme Court Order 

The Vault A and B are the really mysterious door and these vaults are designed unique compared to other vaults which have no bolts or latches on it. These doors or chambers not opened for 150 years. In 2007, Advocate from Kerala, Mr. Sundar Rajan filed a case in Supreme Court that the valuable things are being steeled from secret chambers and requested take action to explore the Vault A and use the things found in the Vaults for developing the country and Supreme Court ordered to open the Vault. Group of 6 layers, RBI higher officials, and German scientists explored the Vaults C, D, E, and F. started trying to open vaults A and B. They tried to open the Vault B for more than 24 hours but they couldn’t open the door. But, they were able to able to open Vault A after 7 hours of hard work with modern technology. When they explored the Vault A, they found 22 Billion worth of Gold ornaments, Gold necklace about to 18 feet and weighs 500kgs, diamonds, golden idols and countless bags of gold coins. In addition to that, golden crafted costumes to decorate the Lord Vishnu. Then it has been announced as the richest temple in the world in terms of gold assets and precious stones.

Mysterious Vault B or Chamber B 

The door design looks unique with no bolts and latches- means no way to open it and two protecting cobras drawing on it. It is believed that Vault B will have 5 times more gold and diamonds are resides. Devotees believe that it can be opened by only by a high level ‘SADHUS’ familiar with the knowledge of chanting a Garuda Mantra’. And, when the inner vault of B opened, then the world will come to an end. 

What is today known as Vault B is actually a series of two Vaults called the Mahabharathakonathu Kallara and the Sreepandara Kallara. The Mahabharathakonathu Kallara is the outer vault whereas the Sreepandara Kallara is the inner vault.

It is being said that 100 years ago, some people tried to explore the Vault B and some Cobras tried to attack them and they fled away to save their lives. And also, when someone tries to open the door, they In 2011, the Mahabharathakonathu Kallara was opened by the Observers appointed by the Supreme Court of India. But the Observers could not open the Sreepandara Kallara. Devas, Rishis and Kanjirottu Yakshi reside in this Vault worshipping the Supreme Lord.The enchanting and ferocious forms of Kanjirottu Yakshi are painted on the southwest part of the main Sanctum. Lord Ugra Narasimha of Thekkedom is believed to be the Protector of Sreepandara Kallara. There is a serpent's image on Kallara B indicating danger to anyone who opens it. It may be true as Sundararajan who filed the case and tried to explore the door passed away within few weeks after the vault explored.

A four-day Ashtamangala Devaprasnam conducted in August 2011 declared the inner Vault as forbidden territory.

God only knows the answer to the following Questions 

  •  What is inside the Chamber B? 
  •  Why human can’t able to open it? 
  •  When will it be opened? 

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