Top 10 Real People With Supernatural Power

We have all had those dreams, the thought of what it would be like to have superpowers. Well, for these select individuals around the world, it’s more than just a dream. From super strength to inhuman perception, we are counting down our picks starting from The Human camera to Electricity Man for the list Top 10 humans with real super powers! 

10The Human camera

Dubbed “The human Camera”, British man Stephen Wiltshire was born in 1974, and has the gift of drawing landscape from memory after just seeing it once. His work has gained worldwide attention and he was even invited to be a member of the order of the British Empire. Wiltshire will frequently take helicopter rides and then draw the landscape that he saw with accuracy and with immense details. He has a permanent gallery in London, and is considered a prodigy by numerous neurologists.

9The ICE man

Wim Hof is a dutch man who has the extraordinary ability to withstand extreme cold he holds over 20 world records including one for the longest ICE birth which was over an hour and thirteen minutes he climbed mount Kilimanjaro in nothing but his shorts along with attempting to climb mount Everest in short as well .Before a foot injury prevented him from reaching the top his internal temperature has been tested during and after his ice baths and his internal body temperature never changes.

8The Blind who can see

Daniel Kish and ben underwood both dealt with retinal cancer in their early years which led to their blindness. Instead of living the traditional lifestyle of the blind they both taught themselves to use echolocation by clicking their tongues ben underwood used it so that he could walk around without a walking stick and play sports. Daniel kish has dedicated his life to showing other blind people how to use echolocation and live normal lives.

7Life without pain

Tim cridland was born unable to feel any pain, unknown of the reasons is a condition that is likely neurological, as pain sends message to the brain to stop doing things that are harming the body. Tim, realizing that he had a rare gift, decided to take his show on the road under the stage name, “ ZAMORA THE TORTURE KING”. In his shows he puts himself through painful situations like eating fire, sword swallowing, piercing himself, and lot more….all without flinching.

6Aqua man

Dave Mullins is a free diver and world record holder in New Zealand for his ability to hold his breath underwater for a long period of time. He has been able to complete swims of over 266 meters and currently has the record for holding breath for over 4 minutes. He repeatedly has broken his own records, while performing physically demanding acts making him a real life Aqua man.

5Mr. eats at all

Born in 1950, Michel Lotito was French entertainer known as monsieur manage out or “Mister eats all “ who was able to eat things that would kill a normal person let alone destroy their teeth. Lotito ate metal, glass, and rubber. He ate 18 Bicycles, a cessina aircraft, 2 beds, 1 coffin, and 15 televisions sets. Wondering what made Lotito able to do this? The lining of his stomach and intestinal track was thicker than the normal human along with having powerful digestive juices. He died of natural causes in 2007.

4Rubber Boy

Daniel browning smith is an American actor who has broken three Guinness world records for his extraordinary flexibility. He hosted, “STAN LEE’s SUPERHUMANS” where he roamed around the country searching for humans with extraordinary abilities. He was born with the extraordinary flexibility and cultivated it over the course of his life. One of smith’s most dazzling acts is dislocating his arms to make himself fit through an unstrung tennis racket.

3The Google Man

Kim peeks was the inspiration behind the Oscar winning film, “Rain Man”. He was able to memorize things at an extraordinary pace from the age of one and half. He had a large head when he was an infant and lacked the nerves that connected the two hemispheres of the brain which caused the neurons to make unusual connections. All of this caused peeks to have an extraordinary memory, like being able to memorize an entire book in an hour. He could read two pages at the same time with the left eye looking at the left page and the right eye looking at the right page. Peeks passed away in 2009.

2The Electric man

Slavisa pajkic, from Serbia, has the ability to conduct his own electricity. He realized he had this gift after touching as electric fence and realized he didn’t experience any shock. He can heat up a cup of water to 97 degrees, and can cook a sausage in his hands. He can conduct 20 volts through his body.

1X-ray Vision

Natasha Demkina was born in 1986 in Russia. At the age of 10, she was able to see her mother’s organs and while the doctor, Natasha was able to tell the doctor about the scars on his body with no previous knowledge. She currently works for different organizations that help her cultivate her talent of seeing organs and being able to make a medical diagnosis with her special vision.

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