Top 10 Healthy Tips in Tamil and English

We compiled list of things you should do to stay health. Nowadays, The person who doesn't have any disease is the richest person in the world.Isn't it?

10Get to bed on time

WHO (World Health Organization) says while sleeping only main enzymes are produced in the human body so go to bed on time.

9White if you choose meat

When you like to eat meat choose white meat rather then red meat.

8Eat whole grains

Eating whole grains will make stay out of fat.

7Eat your vegetables

Eating various vegetables and mainly spinach helps to improve efficiency of health.

6Eat your fruits

Every meal we should include fruits or fruit juices since fruits are rich in vitamins.

5Learn to Relax

Yoga is one of the best and easy way to relax you and your life.

4Go outside when the sun is out.

You should be outside when the sun is out since sun produces lot of vitamin D.

3Breathe fresh air

When you breathe fresh air, you'll feel fresh and all of you organs feel the same.And its good for health.

2Do your excercise

Regular exercise at least for 15 minutes will take you away from diseases so just do it in morning.

1Drink More water

70% of your body is water (approx. 55 to 60 liters) - without it, you would be poisoned to death by your own waste products.
95 % of the time when you are foggy or unclear it it due to lack of water.
Dehydration is the number one trigger of day time fatigue, nausea,headaches,lethargy and constipation.
Thousands of Australians risk kidney damage , impaired liver function and urinary tract infection by not drinking enough plain water.
Just a 5% drop in body water will cause up to a 30% loss of energy in the average person.

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