Top 10 Weird Festivals Celebrated Around The World

Starting from birthday to death day we used to celebrate our festival in the name of GOD, almost in all the religion around the world. Whatever the things happening during some religion’s festival is completely nightmare for the people who doesn’t follow that religion or to non-practitioners. Sometimes those traditions will look bizarre to others. We thought of listing some festivals around the world which looks odd and bizarre to others.

10Hindu’s Mariamman festival piercings

These kind of festivals are common in southern region of India and also in other countries where Tamil community lives like Malasiya ,Singapore, Srilanka . Especially, In Tamilnadu  who celebrates Mariamman festival will declare their devotion by piercing sharp steel rod in various parts of the body. when they enquired about the pain everyone replies that “We don’t feel pain because of GOD’s grace. This tradition been followed by Hindus for many decades. So, it’s become bloodily thing to all the Hindus.

9La Tomatina 

Where everyone in the world are conducting events and campaign for stopping food waste and save veggies, here people are fighting with tomato every year so thought this as a strange festival and bring this into the list. This festival is celebrated this tomato fighting festival every year in Valencian city of Spain. Now, Let’s see when they started celebrating this festival and why? Curious? When the young people were gathering for Giants and Big-Head figures parade on 29th August 1945.The group’s excitement caused a person to fall from the float. So, he started hit everyone who came in his path. There was a market stall of vegetables that fell victim to what soon became a furious crowd. People started to pelt each other with tomatoes until local law enforcement ended the battle. Likewise on the same day of Next year also they brought their tomatoes from home and started fighting each other and stopped when police dispersed. This is how “La Tomatina” festival stared celebrating by Spain people.

8Bullet ant gloves 

The tribe who lives in Amazon rain forest called “Satere-Mawe” tribe celebrating one function for the teen aged children for making them man. In that function, all the teenagers who’re in transition age from teenagers to adult must glove on for ten minutes where the Bullet ant filled up. Bullet Ant’s sting will pain a lot like facing a bullet in chest. They will dance while ant stinging them. Each Adults from  Satere-Mawe must undergo this event for more than 10 times.

7Yanomami –Burial Ritual

Death of every person on the earth is completely a big loss to the family. Every religion will have different method for disposing the dead body either by burying or firing the body. But, Yanomami tribe follows a different method which very unfamiliar to the world. They burns the dead body and gets the ash. They mixes ash into the soup and every relatives to that dead person drinks that. They believes that when they drink that soup with ash, the dead person will be with them forever. Also says if they missed to drink, soul will haunt everyone.  

6Teeth smoothing

In Balinese culture / Buddhist religion, they celebrate tooth filing as a ceremony .Every men and women from Buddhist religion must do tooth filing before marriage or as part of marriage. They believe that the teeth are the symbol of lust, greed, anger, confusion and jealousy. By filing tooth, they are set free from evil, says.

5Wedding that won’t let you to go bathroom

Every community in the world enjoys their marriage celebration in a different manner what they likes. But, Indonesian Tidong community’s wedding is completely different and unique. They don’t allow groom to see bride’s face unless he impress her by singing multiple love songs. And this is not the one refer as unique. After marriage, the bride and groom aren’t allowed to use bathroom for three days. Tidong people believes that who’re not practicing this will receive unlucky for the whole life.

4Dancing with dead body

Famadihana is a funerary tradition of the Malagasy people in Madagascar. Known as the turning of the bones, people bring forth the bodies of their ancestors from the family crypts and rewrap them in fresh cloth, then dance with the corpses around the tomb to live music.

3Take my finger along with you my love

At friends or family member’s funeral, we will bring out sorrow by tearing .But, Dani tribe who lives in West Papua, New Guinea will cut off their fingers and put into the tomb along with dead body to show their love to the person. This looks really unfair.

2Tossing the baby ceremony 

Now, there are increased case of infertility in both Men and women. Because of that, who believes in god will make vow by pushing their sorrows to the god. Likewise, whoever blessed with baby by taking vow in Sri Santeswar temple (near Indi( state of Karnataka),India), will throw their newborn from 50feet height near the temple and will catch them back with cloth. This ritual happens every December.

1Mourning of Muharram

On Muharram (the first calendar month of Islam) ( Ashura),Some groups of Shia Muslims join in an arduous practice involves body whipping with some sort of chains that have razors and knives attached to it. This is performed by all people without considering age and this custom is observed by the people of Iran, Bahrain, India, Lebanon, Iraq and Pakistan.

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