What Should You Expect From A Car Detailing Service

Car owners always wish to see their car as good as new but the fact that we live in a dusty, grimy and hot environment, this is not possible. To tackle the dust and grime, car owners get their cars washed every week but a simple car wash might not be able to handle the effects of the harsh sun on your cars. Hot climate, is one of the primary reasons for interior and exterior damage of the car but we cannot afford to let our cars get damaged due to prolonged effects of the sun. In such cases, you can resort to car detailing.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is type of service which is used to restore cars to their best working conditions with the help of advanced tools and professional care. It covers cleaning the interior and exteriors of the cars through washing and basic servicing.

What should you expect from a car detailing service?

  • Paint restoration: Since paint enhances the aesthetic beauty of your car, detailing services deal with it using a brief method that washes, fixes and protects the paint surface. The first step of cleaning is directed towards removing the dust and grime on the car. The next step involves fixing the paint through clay bar scrub, which removes contaminants such as industrial fallout, metal particles, dirt and tar. In the final step of paint restoration, the paint is polished to remove any swirl marks and fine scratches and is later sealed via waxing to protect the paint and help it to shine.
  • A clean underside and chassis: A large amount of dirt also gets collected under the car and it is very important that you get it cleaned. In a car detailing process, the car is not just cleaned from underneath but also in places like wheel wells and around the major suspension components such as anti-roll bars and control arms. Finally, the fenders and tires are thoroughly washed to cover them with protectant that improves their luster and protects from corrosion and cracking.
  • Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Trim: To get rid of oxidation on the headlamps, car detailing companies polish them with a polishing compound and later seal them with a plastic sealant to prevent oxidation for a long time. Chrome, vinyl and plastic components are also cleaned and coated with protectant to help them resist cracking and fading. Detailing services, might offer clean the chrome exhaust tip of your car as a part of their service.
  • Interior Detailing: Since interiors have electronic components, detailing professionals usually refrain from using water jet to clean them. Instead, they used a dampened cloth or a steam cleaner. The carpets and mats are removed and shampooed outside the car. Leather, plastic and vinyl should be properly conditioned, cleaned and dressed. The car interior cleaning is not just limited to the passenger area as cleaners also include the trunk area in the detailing package.
  • Engine Bay: Cleaning the engine bay is an arduous task and detailing companies might include it in their packages. The engine bay should be cleaned by spraying water gently and then it should be cleaned with a suitable degreaser. After it has dried completely, all silicone, plastic and rubber components should be properly dressed to protect them from cracking.

As detailing is a long and brief procedure, it is more costly than a basic car wash. Moreover, if you plan on selling your car, a short browsing session on Orange Book Valuemight give you the leverage during bargain.

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